Link Free Availability Calendar

Do you have a villa or vacation home where you need to show availability for your potential guests ? Do you need a calendar that has no links to other websites ? Do you need to update your calendar frequently ?

Then look no further VilCal is your solution

We provide you with a rental calendar that enables you to show potential guests when your property is available.

It is very easy to use and a simple login will allow you to update your calendar.

We have no links to any other websites, so your calendar can be linked from other websites.

You have your own URL allowing you to direct your guests straight to your availability page.


To view a calendar please type in the property id below and click 'submit'


To register and create your availability calendar, please use the register link below, once your account is created you can go ahead and enter your availability.

Our availability calendars are FREE for the first year , after that they are £10 per annum,

but are FREE for SouthernDunesUSA members.

We can also provide customized calendars to integrate with your website , please use the contact form to enquire.


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